Traditional Marketing VS. Digital Marketing, Which Would Win?

Traditional marketing

  • It has an undeniable power of reach. The number of people who reach television, radio and the press, without a doubt, is its enormous potential.
  • It is focused on the product talking about its characteristics and benefits.
  • It is independent of the existence of the internet; we can experience it just by going to a shopping center.

Digital marketing

  • Its reach is growing more and more due to the access that people have to the internet and digital platforms: it is getting bigger and better.
  • It’s always changing: It’s not the same to see the Google page 5 years ago that today, the experience of seeing the ads has improved.
  • It focuses on the user of the product or service to promote, in knowing the client and knowing their interests and needs.
  • The results of their strategies are easy to measure, access to the information gathered is unlimited.
  • You can do it yourself without the approval of third parties learn how tools like Google Ads or Facebook Ads work.


Although everyone has a lot to offer, it is essential that you recognize how each type is not going to benefit you, consider the disadvantages also to compare them.

Traditional marketing

  • It requires a more significant investment. This type of marketing by the level of reach has a high cost. Proof of this are the commercials of the super bowl in the United States; their figures are around the millions of dollars.
  • It is not easy to measure its impact. Once the investment is made, there is no way to measure the effect of this for the brand, because you can not automatically access data that allows this study to be done.
  • Almost always depend on the approval of third-party companies that are dedicated to mass media advertising. It does not rely only on you but on the support of more people about its content.

Digital marketing

  • If your focus is mass advertising, you may not have the result that digital marketing achieves, because it depends too much on the interaction of users with digital.
  • Requires the use of digital platforms and internet access.

How Do They Complement Each Other?

Each type of marketing offers a range of different kinds of audience. If you are thinking about using both channels, it is essential that you know that they act as a complement to your strategy.

For example, if you want to increase sales instantly for your business, a fence will be enough at the door of the store, giving an unmissable discount for people passing by. But how about doing it also on your website or through social networks, undoubtedly the results will improve even more.

If on the other hand, you do not offer a product or service that is such massive consumption, digital marketing allows you to know that person you want to address and from data that you collect, such as location and age, participate with massive advertising to Attack this niche market by traditional means.

The importance of each one today

It is no secret to anyone that the Internet has transformed the way we consume information, that is why digital marketing has gained strength and presence in our daily lives.

Netflix or YouTube have replaced television, and the radio has given way to Spotify or Deezer. The press has switched to digital versions, or each brand has invented its

Traditional Marketing will continue to be important for those who have consumption habits that are not so related to online media. You wonder what kind of people are these? People who do not have access to the Internet or people who have no interest in interactions with digital media.

Digital Marketing will continue to grow as long as digital platforms exist, there is no way of knowing how far, but the sure thing is that each time it will be transformed to improve the user’s knowledge and experience with the brand.


Marketing strategies can be carried out through offline or online channels; the important thing is to recognize how you can deliver the message that you believe will be the most valuable for those who will know your brand.

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