The Energy : Digital Summit is the first of its kind conference to connect and integrate the principles of branding, marketing and digital technology for marketers in the oil and gas industry.

  • Testimonial 1 This event provided a quality, in-depth look at digital strategy trends specific to the energy industry.EDS June 2014 Attendee
  • Testimonial 2 Very informative! What a great way to learn and connect with others in our industry. Thank you!EDS June 2014 Attendee
  • Testimonial 3 Great B2B keynote speakers. I'm looking forward to the next summit and more great knowledge and quality presentations.EDS June 2014 Attendee
  • Testimonial 4 Excellent experience, great content, learned a lot, met some really intelligent people and will definitely recommend it.EDS June 2014 Attendee
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